7–11 January 2019
Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego,
San Diego, California

Cybersecurity Workshop

11 January 2018, 0900–1300 hrs
St. George #114

“Baudelaire Aerospace eVTOL Urban Mobility Vehicle Vulnerability Exploitation Exercise”

Workshop Overview

The aerospace community is at the vanguard of a race to develop and deploy a new transportation paradigm built on connected, autonomous, electric air vehicles that will revolutionize urban mobility in the decade to come. Building on an extraordinary confluence of technologies, these new vehicles will provide a safe and efficient system for passenger and cargo transportation within a congested, metropolitan environment. Cybersecurity and protection of the connected air vehicle is a critical requirement for the widespread implementation of this new system and requires collaboration and communication across multiple disciplines and systems.

Join us at 2018 SciTech as we look at Baudelaire Aerospace’s entrant into this market. Subject Matter experts will guide attendees through a learning session that will discuss cyber threats and possible mitigation strategies for this new vehicle. Attendees will collaborate in real-time to weigh the risks and propose a cost-effective plan to address critical vulnerabilities. 

Confirmed Subject Matter Experts include:

  • Mark Psiaki, Professor & Kevin Crofton Faculty Chair, Kevin Crofton Dept. of Aerospace & Ocean Engineering, Virginia Tech University on the topic of GPS signal processing, security, and integrity
  • Brett Schmuki, Mission Systems and Software Senior Manager, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Skunk Works
  • Margee Herring, Information System Security Analyst, Lockheed Martin on the topic of Internal Navigation and Sensor Based System Security


Please contact Craig Day if you have questions about the workshop.

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