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Russian Soyuz Spacecraft Docks With ISS

4 December 2018
CBS News reports that a Russian Soyuz FG rocket “thundered to life and shot smoothly into orbit Monday carrying three crew members on a six-hour flight to the International Space Station.” The “problem-free ascent” came less than two months after an aborted October 11 launch wherein a mishap with a strap-on booster forced an emergency landing of the crew. Following launch of the MS-11 on Monday, Russian cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko, Canadian flight engineer David Saint-Jacques, and NASA astronaut Anne McClain “rigged the ship for a four-orbit rendezvous, monitored a series of rocket firings to fine-tune their trajectory and glided to a picture-perfect docking at the station’s upper Poisk module at 12:33 p.m. EDT (GMT-5).” (Image: Soyuz MS-11 spacecraft launches from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on Monday, 3 Dec. 2018. Credit: NASA)
More Info (CBS News)

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