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NASA: “No Decision” On Next Astronaut Launch

2 November 2018
Aerospace America reports that on Thursday, Russia announced “plans to launch an American astronaut, a Canadian astronaut and a cosmonaut to the space station on Dec. 3, about two months after an aborted launch sent a Soyuz capsule plunging to the Kazakhstan desert in an accident that miraculously left neither occupant seriously injured.” Roscosmos officials made the announcement during a “press conference that they followed with the release of a one-page statement.” However, NASA will conduct a flight readiness review with its astronauts before the Soyuz launch, and according to Rob Navias, a spokesman for the Johnson Space Center (JSC), “No decision has been made on where they would fit in to the schedule yet.” According to Navias, NASA engineers did not take part in the investigation at Baikonur, but NASA officials in Moscow were “actively involved in discussions with them about their review of data about what the most probable cause was.” (Image Credit: Aerospace America)
Full Story (Aerospace America)

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