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NASA’s Dawn, Kepler Spacecraft Expected To Exhaust Remaining Fuel In Coming Weeks

5 October 2018
Space News reports that NASA expects the missions of its Dawn and Kepler spacecraft “to come to an end in the coming weeks when each exhausts their remaining hydrazine fuel.” During a talk Thursday at the 69th International Astronautical Congress, Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) Dawn Chief Engineer and Mission Director Marc Rayman “said current estimates had the spacecraft exhausting its remaining hydrazine, and thus ending the mission, in the middle of this month.” However, Rayman also cited work to develop sequences for operating the Dawn spacecraft into December if current estimates are wrong. The Dawn and Kepler spacecraft have had to use their hydrazine thrusters in order to maintain attitude control due to failures with their reaction wheels. (Image: Artist’s conception of the Kepler space telescope observing planets. Credit: NASA Ames/ W Stenzel via Wikimedia Commons)
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