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NASA Awards $44 Million For Development Of Deep Space Technology

9 August 2018
The Houston Chronicle reports that in an effort to fund its space exploration goals, NASA is funding 10 “commercial projects such as new technologies for lunar lander propulsion and deep space rocket engines.” During a teleconference Wednesday, NASA Space Technology Mission Directorate Acting Associate Administrator Jim Reuter explained, “NASA is going back to the moon and on to Mars in a measured, sustainable way.” Reuter added that “it is American innovation that will lead the way ... and we’re providing another opportunity to expand existing partnerships with commercial companies.” NASA outlined plans to allocate $44 million of “Tipping Point” funds across the 10 projects, which it chose because they “have the potential to significantly benefit the commercial space economy and future NASA missions,” according to an agency statement. Blue Origin, Astrobotic Technology, Space Systems Loral, and United Launch Alliance are among those receiving funding. (Image Credit: NASA)
More Info (Houston Chronicle)

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