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International Space Agencies In No Rush To Look Beyond ISS

26 Septebmer 2017
Space News reports that at a press conference Monday during the International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide, NASA Acting Administrator Robert Lightfoot “said he has talked with the other partners about both an extension of the ISS and cooperation on the agency’s proposed Deep Space Gateway, although no decisions on either were imminent.” Lightfoot said, “We’ve got a list of criteria that we’re putting together to say what would we do post-2024. This is something that we’ve talked about pretty consistently.” Igor Komarov, head of state-owned Russian company Roscosmos, said that a research facility in low-Earth orbit is needed, but that the “next generation shouldn’t be a copy of the existing one.” Komarov denied that Russia has plans to build its own space station, stating that Russia still holds the “position...that we should work on the ISS together with our partners.” JAXA President Naoki Okumura said that consideration of the long-term future of the ISS is premature at this time. At separate a panel discussion, “executives with Boeing and RSC Energia endorsed continued work on the ISS as well as development of the Deep Space Gateway concept.” (Image: International Space Station. Credit: NASA)
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