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Britain’s EasyJet Aims For Electric Short-haul Flights Within Decade

28 September 2017
Reuters reports that British budget airline easyJet aims to fly “electric passenger jets on short-haul routes within a decade in a push to cut plane pollution, the company said on Wednesday.” The airline announced in March that it would partner with US startup Wright Electric to develop electric passenger jets with a range of up to 335 miles, “which could fly about 20 percent of easyJet’s routes.” EasyJet CEO Carolyn McCall said, “For the first time, our industry can envisage a future which isn’t wholly reliant on jet fuel and its harmful CO2 and NOX emissions.” The airline is also “targeting a 10 percent cut in emissions per passenger per kilometer by 2022” by using more fuel-efficient aircraft and engines. Fuel costs are one of the biggest expenses for the airline. (Image Credit: Adrian Pingstone, Wikipedia)
More Info (Reuters)

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