6–10 January 2020
Hyatt Regency Orlando,
Orlando, Florida

5th International Workshop on High-Order CFD Methods

6–7 January 2018
0800-1700 hrs

Organized by the AIAA Fluid Dynamics Technical Committee


The 5th International Workshop on High-Order CFD Methods provides an open and impartial forum for evaluating the status of high-order methods (order of accuracy > 2) in solving a wide range of flow problems.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Assess the performance of high-order methods through comparison to production 2nd order CFD codes widely used in the aerospace industry with well-defined metrics.
  • Support new research in the field of high order CFD methods by providing validation cases and aid during development and improvement of codes.
  • Identify pacing items in high-order methods and peripheral tools that need additional research and development in order to proliferate in the CFD community.
  • Facilitate international collaboration and enhance mutual understanding among CFD researchers and managers in academia, government, and industries.

For more information about the workshop, visit how5.cenaero.be.

Stay Tuned

More information to come soon.


Please contact Megan Scheidt if you have questions about the course.

Dates to Remember

  • Abstract Deadline: 11 Jun 2019
  • Manuscript Deadline: 02 Dec 2019
  • Early Mem Reg Deadline: 16 Dec 2019
  • Cancellation Deadline: 16 Dec 2019

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